How A Small Business Can Increase Security

September 12th, 2019

Small business owners always face a never-ending struggle to decide where to put limited time and money to grow a business. But sometimes, one of the best ways to help a business grow is not to put everything into business development, but devote some resources to business protection.

After all, having a great period of booming business can still be meaningless if one robbery manages to undo all that profit. That’s why it’s important to think about safety and crime prevention. Here are a few ways a small business, with limited resources, can still improve security.


More and more small businesses succeed by making the entire world a potential client. However, this means that financial transactions with important confidential data may be stored on your computers. It’s important for every small business to invest in good digital security, failure to do so can mean, at best, that you are the victim of a computer prank that impairs your digital performance.

At worst, however, you may be victimized by a popular technique known as “data ransoming,” where your system control is taken away from you, and your data is locked away, inaccessible, until you follow the instructions pay the specified amount the ransom asks to release control back to you.

Check Your Workplace Before & After The Day

A simple way to get a little bit of extra security is getting familiar with your environment. Walk through your workplace, and the area immediately surrounding it outside. Get to know what it normally looks like and then get into a habit of conducting a check both before the workday starts, and once it comes to an end.

This is beneficial because it cultivates a sense of mindfulness. You may notice more things you ordinarily wouldn’t have, such as someone loitering in the area, keeping a watch on your workplace, or a wedge that has been inserted into a window to keep it open a crack. Being aware of surroundings and noting the differences can sometimes mean the difference between theft prevention and being robbed.

Implement Access Control

Your first line of defense should always be ensuring that the ways to gain entry into your workplace are properly sealed off. Modern access control, such as keypads, or biometric sensors, can be one of the most efficient ways to ensure that no unauthorized personnel gets into your workspace.

Keys, for example, while effective for centuries, always require an expensive change of locks if one of your keys is lost or, worse yet, not surrendered by an angry employee. However, with new access control systems, the lock always remains the same. All you need to do is disable any code, keycard, or biometric that was formerly authorized, and you can ensure that only people allowed inside continue to have the access they need. 

If you’re trying to find ways to make your small business more secure, maybe Mobile Depot can help. Contact us, and let us know what kind of business you have, what concerns you’re focused on, and we can assess your situation and find a security solution that suits your needs and your budget.