Simple Solutions To Help Protect Your Business

March 7th, 2019

If you own or operate a business in Suwanee, GA, security is likely of your utmost concern. Many Suwanee business owners feel as though they need to invest in high-tech security systems to keep their company safe. While it’s true that a quality security system can go a long way toward protecting your assets and employees, it shouldn’t be something that breaks the bank or stretches your budget too thin.

If you’re looking to protect your co-workers, start by considering these minor fixes. Many business owners overlook these solutions when it comes to protecting their company. However, they could go a long way toward protecting your building. Best of all is the fact that they are easy to perform and cost-effective as well. Before investing in a security system, ask yourself if these four features are in working condition.

The Lights 

One of the simplest solutions to help keep burglars away is a well-functioning light system. Lights typically indicate that someone is present in the building, which is often enough to scare intruders. Many thieves also avoid well-lit areas because they know there’s a better chance they’ll be captured on camera.

Start by making sure your parking lot is well-lit, which should help keep employees and patrons safe. Then, consider adding a floodlight or two on the exterior of your building to illuminate the company grounds. Adding motion sensors to these floodlights could help keep intruders away as well.

Building Maintenance 

Another thing worth investing in is the maintenance of your building. For instance, if your storefront looks rundown, intruders will likely see you as an easy target. On the other hand, a well-kept storefront that looks professional could keep intruders away. Intruders may view investing in your storefront as a sign that you care deeply about the company and that you likely installed a security system as well. Other ways to boost building maintenance include:

  • Sealing sidewalk cracks
  • Trimming bushes
  • Keeping the interior organized
  • Painting the building exterior regularly

Door And Window Locks

You can never be too careful, which is why it’s critical to lock your doors and windows every night. You should teach your employees the proper way to close your business. Make sure that the locks to all of the doors and windows function correctly. Burglars may often try to break in through an unlocked front door or window on the first floor. If they realize the door is locked, they may determine that it’s not worth their trouble to try to break in.

Computers And Data

You can never be too careful when it comes to sensitive data, especially in today’s day of cyber hacking. Unfortunately, it’s not always a physical break-in that could leave your company vulnerable. Make sure that you install antivirus software on your system. The cost of antivirus software pales in comparison to the cost of a data breach.

Make sure that each employee has a unique way to login to their computer, such as a username and challenging password. Also, protect your servers and make sure that you place them in an area that is locked. Pay close attention to who has access to these areas.