What You Should Know About Workplace Hidden Camera Installation

July 9th, 2019

Take measures to combat breaches of security is a normal thing, and some even take this to extreme measures in order to ensure their complete and overall safety. These extreme measures in Suwanee, GA can lead to other problems, and one person’s effort to ensure their own security can lead others to feeling less secure themselves. For instance, a surveillance camera placed in a business will likely leave employees and customers feeling more secure, but what about one employee that keeps a hidden recording device in a pen in his pocket at all times? Those around him may begin to feel less secure as they feel this move is breaching their own security and privacy in order to protect his. 

There is a fine line between great security and security that invades privacy, and it’s important to know just where that line is for your Suwanee, GA business. Hidden cameras have become more and more popular in recent years, but they can be one of those items that toe this line. 

How To Effectively Use Hidden Cameras In The Workplace

You can use hidden camera technology in your Suwanee, GA workplace, as long as you go about it the right way. Some things to keep in mind are: 

  • They should not be a standalone measure – The goal of security when it comes to employees is to deter them from carrying out “bad” behaviors, not simply catch them in the act. While catching them in the act might find culprits of particular offenses, you’re still going to need to deal with the ramifications of these actions after the act is carried out. You don’t want to be viewed as a Suwanee employer that just wants to catch in the act rather than deter behaviors from happening. Hidden cameras should be used to cover blind spots left behind by your regular security cameras, so you’re fully covered but without damaging trust. 

  • Limit them to specific areas – Just because they can’t be readily seen doesn’t mean they can be placed anywhere you’d like. Hidden cameras have limited areas of installation, and places where reasonable privacy is expected cannot be monitored by hidden camera technology. For instance, they cannot be placed in restrooms, fitting rooms, or changing areas, but they can be placed outside of these areas to monitor who comes in and goes out. 

  • They are covered by state laws – Before investing in or installing hidden cameras in your workplace, it’s important to closely study state laws to ensure you’re in complete compliance. These state laws may be subject to change over the years, and knowledge should be refreshed every handful of months. 

Effective Hidden Camera Use For Any Business

Hidden cameras can be used to great security benefit by any sort of business, but only if certain guidelines are followed. To learn more about using hidden security cameras in your business security, contact us with your questions or concerns at Mobile Depot today.