Integrate Your Security and Fire Alarm Systems

May 16th, 2019

If you have any business in Suwanee, GA you already know that there are certain precautions you are legally obliged to take for safety. One of them is fire alarms. A building without some kind of fire alarm system violates safety codes, and you simply cannot operate without one. But there is another type of system that’s not legally mandated, though you’ll likely still see the necessity of it; security systems.

You already know that you’re going to have a fire alarm system installed in your Suwanee, GA building, or perhaps you already have one in place. However, if you’re thinking of getting security systems installed, one effective alternative is to combine both systems into one, and there are a lot of good reasons for doing this.

Cost Effectiveness

New alarm systems tie into a service provider that monitors the system and sends an appropriate response when required. This way, even if no one is in the building, a fire alarm tripped, for example, can still get a fire department response without you having to be aware of the fire and getting on the phone to make an emergency call. The same is true for a security system.

If you have two separate services monitoring your fire and security systems, this means you’re paying two different bills, possibly to two different providers. An integrated system means lower expenditures because now your services are integrated so that one service monitors and responds to two systems.

Better Protection

An integrated system, with only one service required to monitor, also means enhanced data. For example, in an extreme case of breaking and entering followed by arson, an investigation would require the two a fire monitoring service and a security service to give up data for inspection. With the same service monitoring both, it’s much faster and easier to correlate data since the security and fire alarm data are both housed by the same service. If the service also shares features like controlling locks on doors, this can also be more easily coordinated.

Easier Operation

On the user end of things, a single service operating both systems also simplifies how you use those systems. You may be able to centralize your operations to a single panel, console, or software to get both systems up and running, check them for status, and if there’s an issue, only one service to consult for troubleshooting.

Faster Response

With an integrated system, you get a more efficient way to confirm and respond to situations. A fire alarm on its own, for example, can be a false alarm. However, if the fire alarm service is also a security service, and has access to surveillance cameras, it is much faster to confirm whether a fire exists, and send an appropriate response, or confirm that a false alarm has occurred, and deescalate the situation before it gets out of hand.

An integrated system for your Suwanee, GA means more efficiency, more convenience, and more cost-effectiveness, but it can also mean more safety and better control.