A Safe Room Isn't Just Something You See In The Movies

April 19th, 2019

Most Suwanee, GA citizens and other people around the world have seen movies featuring safe rooms. It gives the residents a place to hide out and stay safe when intruders break-in. Heck, The Purge even took things a step further by locking down entire houses. However, that type of technology and equipment would cost homeowners a fortune. Thus, the safe room is a cheaper alternative and more feasible option.
A lot of folks, including Suwanee, GA residents, confuse safe rooms with bunkers. This assumption is false. A safe room needs to be big enough for the entire family to get inside. It is meant to be a temporary location for persons to wait the event out until emergency personnel arrive on the scene. The area should be easily accessible and simple to secure. It is a good idea to run drills ahead of time to ensure your family is prepared for when a real emergency arises.

Perhaps, Most Importantly, Make Sure The Door Is Intruder-Proof

A thin, weak door isn't going to do you much good as the trespassers can just kick it down. Keep in mind that when home invasions happen, the intruders don't always only intend to steal valuables. In some cases, they may be determined to cause you and your family harm. Rape, physical assault, and murder are all possibilities. The door needs to be a solid core, steel exterior slab door to ensure that it can take a beating without breaking.

Suwanee, GA homeowners will also want to paint the door to match the decor throughout the house. The last thing they want is for it to draw the intruder's attention. Make sure that it blends in with its surroundings, and with a little luck, the trespassers won't pay it any mind at all.

Secure The Hinges, Frame, And Reinforce The Deadbolt

A standard wooden door frame is likely not the best choice for a safe room. Rather, interested persons will want to use a reinforced steel frame.  As mentioned above, you don't want the intruder kicking the door in, so install at least 3-inch screws on the hinges and strike plate. Make sure the screws are not accessible from the outside, or the criminal may just unscrew them and come inside.
Avoid using a conventional doorknob for your safe room as well. It will not hold up to the bashing and beating that the intruders will give it to try and get to you. Rather, utilize a deadbolt that extends at least an inch past the steel door frame. Don't give the persons a chance to pick the lock either by installing a unit that doesn't have an exterior keyed chamber.

Don't Forget To Have A Way To Call For Help

There is no telling when a home invasion might happen. They catch victims completely off guard. In their moment of surprise, homeowners may not have the time or might forget to grab their smartphones. So, buy an extra cell phone and make sure it stays in the room 100-percent of the time. This will assure that you can call the police should the need ever arise.