Home Security The Four Best Features To Keep You Safe

November 26th, 2019

Burglaries occur every 22.6 seconds in the United States. So buying a home security system is one of the best decisions a homeowner can make. However, once you start investigating home security systems, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of options available. Trying to decide which features to have in your home can be quite a challenge. To help you out, here are four of the best features that are a great option for any homeowner.

1. Keyless Entry Systems:

34% of home invasions start at the front door. A keyless entry system can help stop them. Keyless entry systems use a code, fob, or even the bluetooth signal from your smartphone to enter. These systems are also equipped with automatic locks that can ensure that your front door is always locked. Beyond offering an added layer of protection, keyless entry systems make it so you never have to worry about your keys. They are also an ideal system from anyone who does short-renting through AirBnB because you can easily change the settings.

2. Smart Sensor Technology 

Smart sensors activate when there is movement on the property. They can then be connected to your other security features like surveillance cameras and alarms. They can also be connected with your smart devices to send you an alert anytime there is something suspicious. Smart sensors are also extremely affordable and a lot of systems come with them fully integrated now.

3. IP Surveillance Cameras 

Surveillance cameras are a staple of any home security system. However, now there are so many affordable options. For homeowners, one of the best options is IP security cameras. IP systems use wifi to transmit what they’ve recorded. This makes it so that the installation is less invasive because you don’t have to run cable lines. Furthermore, IP surveillance cameras offer high definition recording and cloud hosted storage, making it easy to review and retrieve footage when there has been an incident.

 4. Smart Lights

Though typically considered a home automation feature, smart lighting offers added protection to your home. Criminals look for unoccupied houses. The best way to determine if a home is occupied or not is if the lights are off. Home automation lets you turn the lights on and off to make it look like someone is home. The best part is that with home automation, you can just turn them on frequently enough to make it look like someone is home, rather than keeping them on while you are away which can cost a lot on your utility bill.

All of these home security features can be fully integrated with one another to provide a high level of home protection. They are also extremely affordable. The experts at Mobile Depot can help. We’ll review all your options and help design a customized system that meets your needs. We offer the latest technology for home security and the best possible service. Give us a call to learn more.