How Video Surveillance Protects Your Tenants

December 31st, 2018

If you are an apartment owner or have a multi-unit housing complex, the safety and security of your tenants are your primary concern. If tenants experience crime on your property, you will lose them. One of the biggest issues rental property owners experience is car thefts and vandalism. Unfortunately, these are very common occurrences in Suwanee, GA. Live, remote video surveillance monitoring not only will deter criminals and reduce these crimes but also has several other benefits.

The Key Benefits Of Video Surveillance For Rental Properties

There are so many benefits to having a video surveillance system on your rental property including:

  • Tenants Feel Safer: When your tenants know that security cameras are in place they feel safer. They know that it will deter burglars and keep their property safe.
  • Decreased Repair Costs: when your tenants know you have video surveillance installed, they are less likely to be irresponsible or damage the property.
  • Records Evidence: Should a theft occur your surveillance system can be used to assist police and as legal evidence. It will also record any witnesses.
  • Helps Manage Tenants Situations such as the number of people occupying the apartment or any wild parties that keep occurring. Monitoring allows the owner to address issues that affect fellow tenants. This helps you with retention rates.
  • Monitors Staff: As an apartment owner, you have people such as plumbers, landscapers and other repairmen in to maintain the property. Surveillance allows you to monitor their work and the time it takes to complete the job in addition to theft.
  • Has Financial Returns: Video surveillance is much less costly than hiring a security guard. While the guard can only monitor his immediate surroundings, cameras record many areas at once. In addition, your insurance company will probably reduce your property insurance premiums when you notify them of your surveillance.

What About The Issue Of Tenant Privacy?

You do not need to be concerned as to your tenant’s privacy when you utilize the services of an experienced security installer. They will ensure that your cameras are in areas that need to be monitored such as parking lots, entrances, hallways, mailboxes, laundry room, and stairways. It is also a good idea to install a camera in your administrative offices, especially if your staff can collect rent on-site. Also, it is legal to install security cameras in apartment buildings, however, they cannot be placed inside the residence of the tenant.

Isn't Video Surveillance Expensive?

The number one priority for prospective tenants is safety. Therefore, surveillance is worth the initial investment. Many apartment dwellers are new to the area or not familiar with the area your apartment is located. When you advertise that your complex has security cameras, serious prospects will increase. It also makes you preferred choice as many apartments have no monitoring. While the costs upfront are somewhat expensive, the costs saved. In addition, you will receive more renewals and referrals from current residents so your turnover decreases and results in less aggravation for management. The expense of installing surveillance is paid for in the money you save on repairs due to vandalism, tenants leaving due to other tenants behaviors and ensuring your staff is doing their job.

When you chose to install video surveillance in your apartment you are always aware of what is going on in your complex, even when you are gone. You have your finger on the pulse and are providing a good experience for your tenants. Surveillance systems are good for you and your tenants.