Keep Your Kids Safe When They are Home Alone

May 30th, 2019

Are you a Suwanee parent who doesn’t mind leaving your kids home alone? If so, it’s great that you can trust them on their own. However, even if your children are a bit older or have been staying home alone for years, it’s always good to remind them of some vital tips to keep them safe. Below, you’ll find a list of the things that that Suwanee, GA kids can do to stay safe when they’re home alone.

Teach Your Kids How To Answer The Phone

Your phones could put your children at risk. Depending on the way your children answer the phone, they could signal to burglars that they’re home alone. When the phone rings, your child should never answer it with their name. Instead, use standard greetings such as “Hello.” Furthermore, your child should never inform the person on the other end of the line that they’re home alone.

The individual on the other line will likely ask to speak to you, the parent. You should teach your child to say something along the lines of, “My mom/dad is unavailable right now, can I take a message?”

Teach Your Children How To Dial Emergency Numbers

Another thing that you can do to keep your children safe is to teach them how to dial emergency numbers. We recommend keeping emergency numbers close to your phone or pre-saving them into your child’s cell phone. Emergency phone numbers can include those of:

  • Your cell phone
  • Neighbors
  • Family
  • Emergency personnel

You should also teach your children how to contact these individuals and when to contact them.

Only Answer The Door When You Know Who’s There

You should teach your children that they should only answer the door when they know who’s there. First, your child should ensure that the door is locked. Then, they should peak out the window to see who is there. You should go over with your children who they should open the door for and who they should not do so for.

One of the worst things for children to do is to pretend that they’re not home by turning off the lights or ignoring the individual entirely. If a burglar is out the door, this could signal to them that no one is home. This would put your children in even more harm’s way.

If you have security cameras in place, you should teach your children how to use the cameras to verify who is at the door. If your child does not recognize the person at the door, be sure to instruct them on which emergency contact they should call.

Don’t Post On Social Media

One study found that roughly 75 percent of burglars used social media to find clues about which homes to target. If you or your children post on social media saying that they’re home alone, you could be putting them in harm’s way. Make sure that there are no social media posts about being home alone, as this could attract burglars.