Package Theft Is Todays New Everyday Headache

February 27th, 2019

In a survey from December of 2017, 51% of consumers stated that they prefer online shopping to going to a brick and mortar store. The figure, while it may seem startling, makes sense for residents of Suwanee,GA. By shopping online, you’re able to access a much larger inventory of products than one can find in their local mall or big box store, they are offered more options, and they can do all of their browsing and research at once right from the comfort of their own home. However, online shopping has also presented plenty of new opportunity for burglars and criminals looking to porches to find “free stuff”.

In a survey from November of 2017, a whopping 30% of Americans have stated that they have been the victim of package theft at least once in their lifetime. During high shopping periods, like the holiday season, these numbers see spikes that can leave families out their gifts and out the money they paid for them. Package thieves, or “porch pirates” cost American consumers millions of dollars per year.

Ways To Stay Ahead Of Package Thieves

Because porch pirating has become such a common problem in GA and across the country, new technologies and options are being offered to combat the issue for American consumers. A few ways you can stay ahead of package thieves include:

  • Use a security camera system – Security camera systems can not only catch porch pirates in the act, but even deter them from coming onto your property in the first place. Most package thefts go unsolved, but this is due to lack of evidence on the scene. A security camera will capture anyone coming onto your property, and anyone leaving with your packages. If would-be thieves see the camera system located near your packages, they will know they’re like to get caught.
  • Use a smart doorbell system – Smart doorbell systems provide a ton of security benefits in one small package. For porch pirates, the smart doorbell may not be obvious enough to act as a deterrent if the thief doesn’t think to check for it, but it will capture clear footage to catch them in the act. Additionally, a doorbell camera will let residents of GA know when their packages have arrived, so they can pick them up right away.
  • Use alternate pickup – Many retailers have begun offering alternate methods of delivery in order to combat the porch pirate problem. Lockers, in-store pickup, and timed and signed deliveries are just a few options consumers can take to ensure their packages are safe.

Keep Your Packages Safe

As online shopping popularity continues to increase, so will the instances of packages being stolen from porches all across the United States. While package theft may not be completely unavoidable in all instances, having the right preparations in place ensures that perpetrators are caught and face consequences for their actions. To learn more about how you can better protect your home and your deliveries, contact us today.