Whats In Store For Home Security In The Future

April 26th, 2019

Security is an ongoing concern for both homes and businesses in Suwanee, GA. That’s understandable since people want to protect their family, possessions, employees, and equipment or other investments. Because of that, security mechanisms have constantly been evolving.

Now, we find ourselves in the 21st century, with the information age, and the Internet of Things being the new trends in Suwanee, GA. So what does this mean for security? How are your security features going to change to make you safer? There are a few critical developments that may change the way you keep your property safe in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Artificial Intelligence

This is a big one, and it has ramifications not just for security, but many other aspects of life. If an artificial intelligence or AI is properly developed, it essentially means you have a decision maker that is capable of paying attention, all the time.

One example of how useful this is surveillance cameras. Right now, surveillance cameras dutifully record every moment they are on, but they don’t know what they’re watching. They can’t identify suspicious movements, shoplifting, vandalism, or someone testing a lock to see if a door is properly shut, all they can do is record the activity, and someone else, at a later time, must view the footage to understand what just happened.

AI, however, can be the decision maker that accompanies the all-seeing eye of a camera. AI can immediately spot suspicious behavior and report it, or notify the relevant authorities, such as security, police, or even EMS if something occurs. AI, in other words, it just always watching, it always understands what it is seeing.


Today’s security cameras are confined to a mounting, and, if they have motors, may be able to rotate left and right to increase their field of view. Drones, however, are a technology that is used more and more since the technology was declassified by the military.

Surveillance has always been one of the primary functions of drones, and the future is likely to incorporate this for the public at large, not just the military or large corporations. In the future, home or business security cameras may have their views supplemented by drones to increase the range and field of view that the cameras can protect.

More Biometrics

Today, locks use old fashioned keys, or, in more advanced cases, keycards, fobs, numeric codes, and sometimes fingerprints, retinal scans or other biometrics to unlock a door on the more expensive side. However, future locks are looking to become more sophisticated and yet easier to use.

New biometric features include things like facial recognition, voice recognition, and even the advent of fingerprint and retinal scans at the consumer level, rather than strictly at the corporate/government/military level. This means that there’s no need to fuss with keys, fobs, RFID tags or anything else. As long as you are you, you can get in.

Security continues to improve in Suwanee, GA, and for people that want to feel safer, without sacrificing convenience, better technologies are coming on the horizon.