When Doorbell Cameras Pose A Security Risk

April 4th, 2019

It seems as though doorbell cameras are everywhere. You can’t turn on the television without seeing a commercial that shows just how much protection they can provide. While it’s true that they can improve the security of your Suwanee home, most people fail to realize that they can also pose a safety risk.

Common Threats To Your Home

As more people are choosing to install doorbell cameras to enhance their home security, there has been an increase in cameras that are being hacked into. There are several things that hackers can do through a personal doorbell camera. Some of the common actions taken by hackers include:

  • Stealing personal information
  • Sending personal information to other countries
  • Creating false alarms at the home
  • Sending threats to scare homeowners
  • Watching homeowners through the camera
  • Capturing and recording videos of action that occurs inside the home

As technology advances, and smart homes become more common, hackers are keeping up. They can identify homeowners who are easier to target for data theft. A simple search online can yield a list of ways to hack into another person’s Wi-Fi and compromise their home security.

The Biggest Threat Is Your Stolen Data

The biggest threat that comes with a video doorbell is stolen data. Though having strangers spy on you through your doorbell camera, or set off false alarms in the middle of the night, nothing is creepier than having your personal data taken. Hackers were getting access to personal data through cameras and baby monitors back in 2015, but by 2017, they found access to better information by breaching through doorbell cameras.

One doorbell company that was hacked in 2017 had stolen audio data sent overseas in small increments. In 2016, it was discovered that the camera’s set-up button created a Wi-Fi access point that anyone could access if they removed it from the mounting bracket. 

Get Protection With Passwords

One of the best ways to protect yourself from hackers in Suwanee is to secure your network. Any smart device you set up in your home will be connected to all of your other smart devices through your wireless network. An unsecured network means unsecured devices. Your router will come with a default password; don’t keep that password. Change it to something secure as soon as you set it up.

Next, change all of the passwords to your smart devices. Though all of your devices will also come with default passwords, they should be changed to something that will be difficult to hack. Changing your smart device passwords increases your home security and decreases your risk of stolen data.

There are several different wireless security protocols developed to protect your smart home and reduce your exposure to hackers in Suwanee. These keep your wireless network from being hacked by unwanted guests making a connection. They also encrypt your private data upon transmission. By taking the right steps, you can increase the safety of your data no matter how many smart devices you own.