How To Stay Secure While On Vacation

June 28th, 2019

Summer is typically the time of year when many residents of Suwanee, GA decide that it’s finally time to take that well-earned vacation. It makes sense since, for many families, the kids getting out of school makes this time of year ideal for the entire family to spend some quality time together.

But going on vacation means leaving your home in Suwanee, GA empty and vulnerable to theft. While you can’t be there to protect your belongings, you can take some security precautions that help to make your property safer. Here are a few of the most important.

Don’t Advertise Your Vacation On Social Media

For some, unfortunately, this may be an impossible task, and they are willing to take the risk rather than sacrifice their follower count. A public social media account is 100% viewable to the entire world, not just close friends and family. When you tell people that you are going on vacation to another country, and you specify the length and the time, then start posting photos of your trip, you are making your home vulnerable.

Announcing a vacation on social media is an invitation to thieves to take their time robbing your home, and it can negate all the other security precautions you may take if they know what your game is. If your home is more important to you than your follower numbers, resist the urge to tell the world you’re not going to be home.

Make Your Home Look Occupied

Even if you’re not going to be home, your home doesn’t have to look empty and vulnerable. There are devices and tactics you can use to carry on the illusion that people are home. A simple request with neighbors, for example, can result in your mail and newspaper or promotional flyers being collected every day, so that an accumulation of mail doesn’t indicate to thieves that no one is home.

In the same way, modern security lighting systems can be wired throughout the house. This way, it’s not just one or two rooms with lights that automatically turn on for four hours in the evening, then turn off at the same time. New systems turn lights on and off throughout the house, simulating the movement from one room to another.

Invest In A Security System

If you haven’t already, one of smartest home protection investments you can make is a security system. Security cameras around the perimeter of a home act as a powerful deterrent to criminals. The same is true of an alarm system, especially if the home visibly advertises the fact that such systems are present. 

Criminals are trying to do the easiest, lowest risk thefts possible. By making your home a high-risk property, you encourage thieves to ignore your home and target someone else that will be easier to rob.

Don’t take any chances with your home in Suwanee, GA while you’re on vacation, or even at home. Call Mobile Depot, and we can help you to increase your security and get more protection and peace of mind for your property.