Security Systems Are Rising In Popularity In US Schools

November 1st, 2018

The sales of security products and systems are booming, and in the United States rose $2.7 billion just last year. A good portion of this rise is due to the investments being made in school security, and the installation of security systems that keep students, visitors, and faculty safe. Physical monitoring isn’t always enough to optimize safety, as humans cannot be expected to see everything at all times. Security camera systems, however, can make sure all areas are being monitored 24/7.

The New Safety Precautions Being Taken In US Schools

Schools all across the United States are taking extra precautions to provide a safe and secure environment. Some of these new security precautions being taken in Suwanee, GA schools include:

CCTV systems – CCTV security camera systems are able to monitor every nook, cranny, classroom, and hallway without missing a beat. Where human security may only be able to be in one place at one time, the eyes of CCTV systems are always watching. For off-hours and weekends, the camera footage may even be accessed with smartphones, tablets, and laptops remotely.

High-security doors – With school violence becoming a larger and larger problem, high-security doors are providing a solution. This extra barrier can help to provide an extra layer of protection between students and faculty inside and those outside, and may even be installed into “safe room” areas within the school to safeguard against those already inside. These doors may be opened with key cards, numerical passcodes, or facial recognition.

Facial recognition technology – Schools often house thousands of students, faculty members, and visitors at one time, which can pose an issue if you’re relying on security cameras alone. Essentially, it can be difficult to spot specific faces you may or may not recognize the security footage, but facial recognition technology makes things much easier. If an unrecognized person is detected on the footage, authorized personnel can be alerted immediately to the footage of a suspicious person.

Buzz-in systems – Whether using high-security doors or the regular doors, buzz-in systems can ensure only authorized individuals in Suwanee, GA may enter any portion of a building at any given time. For the front doors, for instance, a person may touch a doorbell like a buzzer to be put into communication with school officials, where they can then give their name along with video footage to make sure they’re authorized to enter the school.

Safe Learning Is Effective Learning

Students cannot be expected to learn and retain information when they don’t feel safe. Stress has a high impact on students’ learning ability, not to mention a teacher’s ability to teach clearly. Suwanee students and teachers are given their best foundation for a successful school day each day when they’re protected by well-rounded and effective security systems. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of security systems in Suwanee, GA schools or you’re interested in rounding out the security of your own school building, contact us today.