Make Your Summer Safer With Professional Monitoring

June 14th, 2019

Summer is an active time for burglars in Suwanee, GA.  Thieves will strike throughout the year, but they tend to slow down during winter since there are fewer people walking through the neighborhood to blend in with and more snow that can leave behind incriminating traces.  On top of that, many people go on vacation during the summer and burglars will often strike when they know the family will be away for several days.

So when summer comes along, you should consider getting a security system or upgrading your existing system with new features.  One useful feature that many security companies in Suwanee, GA provide is professional monitoring.  Whenever a camera starts recording because of motion or something triggers an alarm, the security company’s dedicated surveillance staff will check the footage for you.  These days you can also send alerts to a smartphone app, but there are a few reasons why professional monitoring is worth an extra payment.

Professional Monitoring Will Catch Every Alert

Not everyone is connected to their phones 24/7.  We take breaks, we focus on work, we spend time with our friends, and sometimes we leave the phone behind entirely.  That means we don’t always get an alert the moment it happens or we don’t have the time it takes to check the camera feed and give it the attention it deserves.  However, a professional monitoring service has people standing by night and day to check alerts the moment they begin, check the cameras, and decide what to do based on what they see.

Professional Monitoring Can Always Respond

Monitoring alerts is one thing, and responding to them is another.  A comprehensive security system has alerts for things like carbon monoxide and fire, not just intrusion, and a professional monitoring staff can identify the type of alert and pass the information to your local police or fire department.  On the other hand, if you’re on vacation when you get an alert you might have issues contacting the appropriate authorities, and for many of these alerts every second is crucial.

Professional Monitoring Takes Every Situation Seriously

When you install a smart security system, you may want both personal smartphone alerts and professional monitoring.  This way you get to know what’s going on at home when you’re not around, and so you can see things like what your kids get up to when they’re home alone, what the babysitter does after you leave, and which packages have arrived at the front door.  Professional monitoring doesn’t worry about things like these, but the moment something serious happens like a fire or a burglary you can rest easy that they’re aware of what’s happening and responding.

When summer comes around, you should be relaxing, not worrying.  So cut down on your anxieties by installing a comprehensive security system by a Suwanee, GA company that also includes professional monitoring.  A private security guard might be out of your budget range, but thanks to modern technology many households can afford 24/7 monitoring through a security company.