The Growing Importance Of Quality Video Surveillance

June 21st, 2019

Security systems have changed a tremendous amount over the last several years. Today, what were just simple cameras recording feeds to a VHS tape are now high tech systems that use HD recorders. What was once a grainy, difficult to see picture is a crystal clear image. As such, they’re more effective than ever before. 

Today’s systems have also become more reliable, more affordable, and easier to install on a property of any kind. And with this new digital upgrade, they are providing more capabilities and more benefits than ever before as well. But, some still don’t realize just how important these systems can be. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways that modern DVR can help you. 

Reduced Loss

The obvious benefit of a surveillance system is simple – less theft, less loss, and less vandalism. You don’t always have to wait until a crime happens. In most instances, criminals will see the security system or signs of surveillance taking place and avoid your property outright.

With today’s systems, you’ll get an eye watching 24/7, keeping tabs on your entire property. This will deter most criminal efforts outright and ensure that you are able to keep your business or your home safe and secure. 

Smarter Coverage

With motion sensors and multi camera systems, it’s possible to be everywhere at once. You may not have the capability to watch multiple cameras at the same time. But, systems today can give you a playback of events that occurred. They’ll detect motion or activity and record, then send you the video feeds as needed.

Remote Monitoring

You don’t have to have a private room on your property with all of your computer screens linked to a system. Today, you can just use a smartphone or computer with an internet connection to remotely monitor your property. This means that you can get better results, faster. It also means that you get to relax and enjoy trips without worrying about what’s happening back home.

Faster Reactions

Nothing is worse than knowing something is going on at your property and not having the power to handle the situation. But today’s systems can help as well. Your system can actually be pre-programmed to alert authorities when something happens. By linking it to a number to send messages and alerts to, you can customize your system response to get the kind of protection you really deserve.

Lower Costs

With lower levels of loss and damage comes lower overall risk. And with lower risk comes lower potential insurance costs. You could get a reduced monthly insurance rate just by having a surveillance system in place.

Getting Protected

These are just the main benefits of having good security surveillance systems installed on your property. If you’re ready to protect yourself and your loved ones, a good home surveillance system is well worth installing. We can help, with the latest technologies and a team of professional staff. Contact us to get started designing a system that works for you.