Are Your Security Measures Compliant?

March 21st, 2019

Keeping a building secure in Suwanee, GA is a major concern for many people, whether it is a private residence or a public building for state or even Federal government purposes. But often, when people start thinking about security, the foremost priority on their minds is this best way to maximize the security factor of a facility.

And while making sure a building in Suwanee, GA is secure is an understandable concern, there may be other considerations that have to be accounted for. One of those, which vary from state to state, is compliance with certain privacy and safety concerns.

It’s Going To Vary

Depending on where you live, there may be certain state or even municipal regulations in place that put certain restrictions on just what security systems can and can’t do, and how these mechanisms must work in concert with other concerns. One of the big issues with this is, of course, privacy. But the other is safety. This is why, when looking at a security system, you should also consider other factors, such as:

Fire & Safety

If you’re only paying attention to security issues, you may be ignoring state regulations that require you to have alarms, not just for theft, but for personal and visitor safety. Fire and carbon monoxide alarms, for example, are pretty common requirements for many buildings these days. So when you’re looking to outfit your building with the latest security features, make sure that safety considerations are also factored in.

While fire alarms and the threat of fire are well-understood, carbon monoxide can also be a big threat. This gas is colorless, odorless, and can be lethal when inhaled in sufficient amounts, but it is widely used, and created in many chemical reactions, such as natural gas burning incorrectly, and causing CO to be emitted as a by-product.

Security Camera Placement

Depending on the type of building you have, and the activities conducted there, you are unlikely to be able to place security cameras everywhere you want, even if you claim it is for greater security. Bathrooms, for example, are one place where security cameras normally can’t be installed. If you aim a suite of cameras at individual stalls in the women’s bathroom, for example, there’s more likelihood your infringing on someone’s privacy rights than you are preventing theft.

In the same way, some public buildings cannot have security cameras—especially ones that also record audio—in certain rooms. Rooms, for example, where lawyers and clients discuss private details of a legal case are protected by client-attorney privilege, and so any security devices that attempt to eavesdrop on such delicate interactions would be more of a rights violation than a device to prevent theft. There may even be regulations in place stating you must have signage in place notifying the public of the presence of surveillance devices.

There’s nothing wrong with looking into improving your security measures in Suwanee, GA. Just remember that in doing so, you should also be looking at whatever state or municipal regulations may be in place, and work hard to remain compliant with those regulations.