What Are The Top Features Of Today's Security Camera Systems?

December 5th, 2018

Like other pieces of technology today, security camera systems are coming out with better and better features each year. Modern security cameras are nothing like those released even as little as a decade ago, and as each new bell or whistle is added to a modern security camera the better the results are that property owners get to enjoy. It wouldn’t be unfair to assume that the security camera systems of today will be inferior to those released ten years from now.

Today’s Top Features To Look For

Some top features may not be for everyone, but others really enhance the general security camera system experience for just about any user. Some top features to look out for today include:

Night vision monitoring – If you want quality footage on a 24-hour schedule, you’ll need night vision monitoring in your security camera system. This feature allows you to get crisp and clear footage no matter the time of day or amount of light, and these cameras may even be a good fit for those who plan to capture footage in dark or stormy weather. If night vision is a feature that is important to you, it pays to look out for infrared LEDs and IR cut filters for quality low light footage.

Weatherproof housing – Old security systems were often using cameras intended for indoor use both indoors and outdoors, which really limited the life and function of a system. Weatherproof housings, however, allow you to safely keep cameras anywhere you need them without worry of the elements getting inside. Weatherproof housing isn’t just for keeping rain and moisture away, but also dust in areas prone to windy or dusty conditions.

Motion detection – Motion detection allows security camera users to not just catch movement on their properties, but also to save on using unnecessary storage space. Motion detection cameras only capture footage after motion has been detected within the camera’s line of vision, and only stores footage after it’s been kicked on. Motion detection can also allow property owners to capture wider areas with PTZ cameras that move along with targeted subjects.

Remote access – Remote access has been one of the biggest and most convenient breakthroughs in security camera system features in recent years. Remote access allows you to access your security camera footage and settings from anywhere, so families can keep an eye on their homes on vacation or business owners can keep an eye on their properties after work hours. Using a smartphone app, you can see what’s going on in real time.

The Best Features For The Best Investment

Taking advantage of modern features in security cameras gives you the best possible security investment. Using features like night vision, motion detection, and remote access, home and business owners can have peace of mind that their property is safe and under their control. With the incredible technological advancements in security today, there is truly a security system out there for anyone.